Yonas Michael - "Lost In Hollywood"

Formerly known as Y-O of the now broken up LA duo U-N-I, Lost In Hollywood is Yonas' first solo project since the split. Creative differences must have been the major thing (I don't it was said exactly what was the reason) that led to THURZ and Yonas going their separate ways after listening to this and LA Riot. The two projects are pretty much polar opposites. Umm where's the rapping? I understand this mixtape is "genre-defying", but there's just too much singing for me compared to rapping. Brooker T, Phil Adé, Polyester, Warm Weather make guest appearances along with a few other artists and AJ Subat, Faahz, Mainframe, and Ro Blvd provide most of the production.

Download here

You can follow him on Twitter @iamYonasMichael.

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